Ashley Lopez's Black Forest Constrictors

Top Quality B.C.C. and Blood Python morphs




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Ashley Lopez's BLACK FOREST CONSTRICTORS is located in sunny southern California.We ship nationwide to all 50 states except Hawaii and Alaska.We ship overnight with insulated box and heat pack for no extra charge.We will reserve the right to delay shipping due to extreme weather and temperature conditions.Thank you for buying BLACK FOREST CONSTRICTORS.


Black forest constrictors pride ourselves in our honesty and our efforts to always leave our customers more than satisfied with healthy, beautiful, high-quality animals. 

 All animals are guaranteed healthy, and correctly sexed. While we guarantee our animals are properly sexed, mistakes sometime happen! Therefore, we require that you verify they are correctly sexed upon arrival. If you should encounter a problem with the animal you have purchased from us, notify us within 24 hours of arrival, and we will be happy to either replace the animal, or provide you with a full refund.

We accept Cash, Money Orders, PayPal and certified checks. All payments must be made in advance and must clear before we ship the animal.

Thank you for buying BLACK FOREST CONSTRICTORS.We hope you consider us in the future for your next purchase.   Ashley Lopez